How To File a Claim

Getting your car fixed couldn’t be any easier with American Auto Coverage®. All you have to do is follow the simple steps for your product type, below

Powertrain, Comprehensive and High-Tech Vehicle Service Contracts

  • Bring your car to the original dealership, a nearby dealership or any licensed repair shop.
  • Provide the service advisor with your vehicle service contract contract information and ID, prior to the repair. Keep your service and maintenance records handy, in case you are asked for them.
  • You may need to authorize “teardown” or diagnosis time to the repair facility in order for them to fully assess and itemize the cause end extent of the failure(s) to your car.
  • The service advisor will call CLAIMS at (888)285-2567 to get approval for the claim. (The average talk time to approve a repair claim is under 5 minutes.)
  • Once the repair is approved, complete, and the repair order is sent to CLAIMS, we will pay the repair shop directly via corporate credit card (and just so you know, most claims are paid immediately, directly to the repair facility). No wonder service advisors love American Auto Coverage!

Claims Department: 1-(888)285-2567.
Monday though Friday : 8 AM EST to 8 PM EST
Saturday : 9 AM EST to 12 Noon EST
Sunday : Closed

American Auto Coverage Dent Repair

Simply call the American Auto Coverage Dent Repair service center (888)285-2567 to report your claim and arrange a visit. A representative will coordinate your visit at the dealership where you purchased your vehicle, or arrange for an alternate location if the dealership is no longer in business or more than 50 miles from your home

Roadside Assistance

Please call Roadside Assistance at (888)285-2567 and select option

American Auto Coverage Extended Warranties

Please call American Auto Coverage at (888)285-2567

American Auto Coverage Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Please call American Auto Coverage at (888)285-2567